The most reliable, consistent personalized cleaning service in the 4-States!

Meeting all of your cleaning needs with excellence. 


Customizable, personalized cleaning plans that cater to your specific household needs.  Plan may include, but are not limited to; bathrooms, kitchens, sweep/vacuum/mop, dusting.  

Plans can be set-up for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.  

Spring cleaning, rental houses, sheds or garages!  We can deep clean them all.  

We offer personalized cleaning plans for your office space or warehouse.   

We are available to clean after hours or on the weekends for minimal interruption.  

Let us do the dirty work for you!  We are available to clean rental houses between tenants.  

We recently added a third ‘wing’ onto our company.  With this addition, we have cleaners specifically ready to serve you and your rental house cleaning needs.  

Our founder was raised in Pittsburg, Kansas.  She attended and graduated Pittsburg High School.  She graduated from Pittsburg State University with a Bachelors Degree in Communication, Emphasis in Public Relations and a minor in Sociology.  She is happily married to her husband, Steve.  She has a passion for helping and serving people and excels at meeting you where you are at to provide you with what you need. 

Honesty and integrity are top priorities Honey Does LLC.  We understand your home is personal, and we do not take it lightly that you have chosen to invite us into your home or business to clean.  We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and serve you.  Honey Does LLC exists to enhance customer’s quality of life by providing outstanding service, maintaining customer dignity and reputation, and operates to meet and exceed customer expectations. 

Chelsea is a graduate of Columbus Unified Highschool and has attended Labette Community College working toward a degree in business. Chelsea is married with two children. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends…and admiring her many plants (she is crazy about succulents AND can keep them alive and even propagate them….)
Chelsea was very involved in the non-profit organization, Pawprints on the Heartland, prior to recently joining the Honey Does team. Chelsea is excited for the new opportunities, and looks forward to meeting your cleaning needs with excellence!
Chelsea has a smile and personality that lights up the entire room where ever she goes! She is very crafty — she loves to make projects with wood pallets, wood signs, painting and much more!


Natasha was born and raised in Emporia, KS.  She currently resides in Pittsburg, attending Pittsburg State University. She is studying Recreation with an emphasis in Hospitality Management and a minor in Human Resources Development. She has three siblings, one of them is her twin!! Natasha spends a lot of her free time watching Netflix or dancing! She has been in Pitt State’s dance club since her freshman year. She really enjoys choreographing dances and working with others in the dance club.  

One thing that Natasha is proud of is that she is entirely self sufficient in college and works very hard to maintain that! She is also passionate about planning and executing events and trips! Natasha serves her community by volunteering with the dance club at The Big Event in Pittsburg. 

One thing that Natasha would do, even if she didn’t get paid to, would be yard work!  She loves planting flowers and landscaping. One thing that she is surprisingly good at is cleaning!! Natasha loves working for Honey Does. She claims she has gained the most experience and valuable knowledge from working here! 


Madison is from Carthage, Missouri and is currently attending Pittsburg State University pursuing a double major in Business Management and Marketing. She is also our Marketing Intern! Madison is an athlete on the Pitt State Track and Field team. She enjoys taking pictures and learning about all things related to photography and videography as well!

Madison loves serving others, as she has been committed to mentoring students with Friends Helping Friends at Lakeside Elementary for two years. She also enjoys working with those in her community by volunteering at the Crisis Center each year.

Madison has a passion for all things outdoors and nature! She loves being outside and caring for her plants! Her caring soul shines through her bright smile!


Felicity graduated from Olathe South in Kansas City but is originally from a small town in Nebraska! She is a student at Pittsburg State University studying Social Work with a minor in Women’s Studies. She plans to work with women in substance abuse in the future. 

Felicity enjoys yard work. She cares for her garden at home, which includes several veggies!  She loves to run and clean in her free time as well! Felicity loves that her job is fast paced and always has something for her to do. She serves her community by mowing older peoples’ lawns and caring for their yards. Felicity is most passionate about people!! She loves caring for others. She is such a great listener and enjoys helping others in any way she can. 

One fun fact about Felicity is that she was the captain of her soccer team for ten years!! Surprisingly, she is also very good at drawing! She naturally picked up the talent in junior high and has enjoyed it ever since!


Analya grew up in Oklahoma City and graduated from Southmoore High School! She is currently attending Pittsburg State University pursuing a business degree and is an athlete on the track and field team! Analya has seven siblings and gets along with them all – she loves spending time with family! 

Analya enjoys spending her free time reading, running, and resting. She also loves spending time with her teammates on the track team at practice and volunteering in the community. She is very passionate about helping others! 

What Analya loves most about working at Honey Does is the people she works with. She enjoys coming to work each day and seeing everyone. Some of her biggest accomplishments include earning scholarships for school! Analya is a very fast learner and enjoys being taught new things. One thing she would do even if she didn’t get paid to do it would be cleaning! She loves the satisfaction of helping others and looking at a clean product in the end.


Caitlin graduated from Bentonville High School and received her undergraduate degree at Arkansas Tech University. She moved to Connecticut to work on the AmeriCorps program where she taught kids about being healthy! Caitlin is passionate about educating children and helping them succeed. Educating people on food sustainability and ways to “go green” are also a passion! 

She recently received her Masters from Pittsburg State for General Psychology and is currently attending school for an Education Specialist Degree in School Psychology. Caitlin loves spending time kayaking and with her dogs! Her favorite part about her job is the satisfaction of the house flip in the end!! 

One of Caitlin’s biggest accomplishments include moving to Connecticut on her own for two years and pursuing the FoodCorps program! Even if she didn’t get paid to do so, Caitlin would continue to work at all of her jobs!  She loves serving others at Colton’s Steak House in Pittsburg, working at Best Buy in Fayetteville along with helping others on Geek Squad, and cleaning for others with Honey Does!! She loves working and staying busy. Caitlin is such a hard worker and we appreciate her consistency and reliability!!


Kayla is originally from Pittsburg, Kansas and graduated from Pittsburg High School in 2006! She is a mom to her eight and five year old kids and loves spending time with them. Some of their favorite hobbies include taking the boat out on the lake and discovering adventurous trails in Arkansas. 

One of her biggest accomplishments would be becoming a mother and raising two wonderful kids. She is very passionate about children and helping them develop and learn to the best of their ability. A recent job that she learned the most from was working in early childhood. She learned a lot about how to work with different children and what structure works best for each individual child. 

Kayla always has a positive attitude and handles difficult situations with grace. She is also willing to help others whenever they need it. Kayla loves the friendliness and relaxing atmosphere when working for Honey Does. Each person she meets is willing to help out and work as a team to accomplish the bigger goal.


Paul grew up in Wichita, KS and graduated in 2016 from Wichita North High School. He is currently attending Pittsburg State University pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He will be graduating in December of 2021! Paul is very passionate about graduation and pursuing his degree.

He also has a twin sister and a younger brother. They all got along very well and he and his sister tend to act similar!


Paul enjoys spending his free time at the gym working out to better himself physically. It also helps relieve a lot of stress. One of his biggest accomplishments is his grade point average in college. He also mentions that he would tutor students and help his peers with homework even if he didn’t get paid to! With subjects and work that pertain to his major, he enjoys helping others learn. Paul is also surprisingly good at math!! He had to work hard at it at first but the extra work paid off and he learns mathematical concepts with ease now.


A recent job that Paul learned most from was working in a retirement home as a dietary aid. He gained valuable experience about food safety and special diets for people with specific needs. He appreciated the time it took to create diet plans for those who need it.


Destiny graduated high school from Shawnee Mission East in Overland Park, Kansas in 2019. She grew up in Kansas City, Missouri but moved to Kansas City, Kansas in the fourth grade! Destiny is on the track and field team at Pittsburg State University and is currently pursuing a degree in Art. One of her favorite hobbies is cooking! She loves to learn new recipes. Destiny also enjoys catching up on rest, self care, and spending quality time with family and friends.


Destiny is the youngest of eight siblings! She has enjoyed having them all watch over and help her while growing up. She is also surprisingly good at sketching! Destiny loves art and is passionate about drawing. She enjoys artwork from abstract shapes to fun cartoon characters. She can even look at what she sees and create a sketch from scratch.


She finds the best part about her job to be helping others. As we clean, we are relieving stress from families and people so that they don’t have to worry about the mess. Especially during this pandemic, Destiny sees this as an opportunity to help others in a way that can protect their health! She is also eager to serve her community. She loves finding time to volunteer.


Some of her biggest accomplishments include maintaining a good GPA and being responsible in school. She makes sure to be productive in her academic as well as social life. Bettering herself mentally every day is what she strives for! Previously working at a cleaning job in an office has given Destiny a lot of experience and background knowledge! She learned the importance of paying close attention to detail and enjoyed communicating with people in the office daily! The energy and smile Destiny brings to work each day is contagious!


Augusta is from Parker, KS – a small town where there are no stop lights in the county! She graduated from Prairie View High School in 2019 as the President of her class. She then went on to attend Allen County Community College to receive her associate degree. She is now a student at Pittsburg State University pursuing a major in Early Childhood Education Unified. She has two younger sisters that she loves spending time with. In her free time, she enjoys reading and playing sports. She plays co-ed softball with her sister on a team back home and loves to stay active! She also lives on a goat farm at home. She enjoys being able to go home and help her family with the goats.


Augusta is a very creative person! She looks forward to teaching arts and crafts with her future preschool students. She also loves cooking! Her favorite is when she prepares Thanksgiving dinner with her family. In her community, Augusta helps out with the 4H club. She has taught several kids how to show goats and loves every minute of it.While volunteering, she has learned to keep an open mind and to take into consideration everyone’s passions and interests.


She is very passionate about education and family. She believes that there shouldn’t be anything that stops her from achieving her goals. Eventually, she plans to pursue her doctoral degree. Over the years, she has learned to lean on the people that support her most. One of her biggest accomplishments would be graduating with an associate degree debt free and maintaining a high GPA. She is also surprisingly good at being put on the spot and answering questions under pressure. She is confident in what she does and is always willing to help others!


Maddie graduated from Pittsburg High School in 2016 and currently attends Pittsburg State University pursuing Elementary Education! Right now, she is an intern at an elementary school in Fort Scott, Kansas in a first grade classroom. She is starting her fifth year at PSU and enjoys learning about all things education. While contemplating majors throughout her years here in college, Maddie knew she wanted to be a teacher when she realized how much she enjoyed giving kids swim lessons!

Maddie recently learned to cross stitch! She is passionate about learning new skills and developing her knowledge. Maddie loves teaching others! Her favorite thing is impacting the lives of those around her and making a difference. She loves the idea that the students she is currently teaching will soon be the future and she is involved in making that impact. Her favorite part about Honey Does so far is that everyone she has met is very friendly and willing to help her learn.


She was recently employed at Root Coffeehouse! This job taught her a lot of leadership and how to better the business. One of her biggest accomplishments has been graduating high school and continuing her education into college. She’s proud to say she’s almost done with college and will soon be pursuing education in the real world! One surprising fact about Maddie is that she loves to sing! Although she prefers to not sing in front of others, she thoroughly enjoyed her days in choir.

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