Honey Does is a cleaning company offering residential, commercial, and rental house cleaning. Honey Does specializes in bi-weekly (every other week) recurring residential cleaning, business/commercial space janitorial tasks, and move in/out and rental house cleanings. 

Honey Does currently serves approximately a 10 minute/mile radius out from the Pittsburg mall. We are taking names on our waitlist and hope to serve a greater area in SEK once our customer built application is fully developed. Anticipated launch date for the application is January of 2024.


Crystal, Co-Operator
Lauren K., Co-Operator
Laura, Shift Lead
Lauren L., Virtual Assistant
Justice, Senior Cleaner
Katlyn, Accounts Receviable

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Email, call or text to schedule a cleaning.

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Customizable, personalized cleaning plans that cater to your specific household needs.  Plan may include, but are not limited to; bathrooms, kitchens, sweep/vacuum/mop, dusting.  

Plans can be set-up for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.  

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We offer personalized cleaning plans for your office space. 

We are available to clean after hours or on the weekends for minimal interruption to your day-to-day operations. 

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Let us do the dirty work for you!  We are available to clean rental houses between tenants.  

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Fill out this quick form if you are interested in a position with our company! We look forward to talking with you! 


How much do you charge? We use a method that considers the type of work we are doing and how long the total clean will take us. In most cases we charge per job for recurring cleans. 

How do I book a clean? Please text or email us for more information and booking. 

What services do you offer? We specialize in recurring daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleanings in residential and commercial locations. We also help with move in/out cleans and rental house cleans. There are a few other service offerings available to our customers. Please message us to see if what you need done is in our service offering. If it whatever it is does not fall into our service offering – we’ve networked with over 40 other cleaning companies or cleaners in the SEK/SWMO area and are happy to connect you to someone who would be a good fit. 

What type of work do you do when you come to our space? In most cases, we do top-down cleaning including dusting, wiping, cleaning the kitchen(s) and bathroom(s), vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and more. We customize our duty list to your space! 

Once I’ve said YES to Honey Does – what happens next? Once you’ve said YES to our services we’ll initiate our Onboarding process. This includes the first three cleans and gives us time to create a process for your space that all of our team members can recreate to give you exactly what you need every time. 

Do I provide the cleaning supplies – or do you bring them? We provide all the cleaning solutions, tools, and supplies that we need. 

How do I pay for services? If you are booking a one-time clean – you will be required to pay a reservation fee upfront. For all other cleans, payment is made after the service is performed. We currently use QuickBooks for secure payment processing. The preferred method of payment is check or direct transfer from your bank account. We will open the option for a credit or debit card payment for an additional processing fee. Invoices are sent via email and should be paid within 15 days of the invoice date. 


Sponsor + Members
Chamber Member and Supporter

The most reliable, consistent personalized cleaning service in the 4-States!


2019 - Midway through 2019, Honey Does Launched serving all of SEK and SWMO

2020 - Early 2020 the COVID pandemic hit just 6 months after our launch causing some complications as a start-up company

2020 - Late 2020 - demand for services increased especially in the area of sanitation and residential cleaning

2021 - We went through a organizational chart restructure, revisited and revised our service area and scope paring down services more locally to SEK, but specifically Pittsburg and the surrounding areas

2022 - We went through another team restructure as far as management, maintaining regular customers, additional updates to our custom built software system

2023 - Late 2022 into early 2023, operating lean in order to focus on systems and process development, including initiating the discovery phase for an application we are building, a tech based solution to better connect customers to cleaners

Mid-2023 - The company added additional team members to the leadership team, including an Executive Assistant, an Accounts Receivable Clerk, a Support Manager, and an Employee Support and Growth Specialist. In addition, our team achieved one of the first ever fully certified, Certified Quality Cleaners.

Future Plans
2024 - We hope to launch our application by the beginning of 2024. This will allow us to better serve our current customers and cleaners. Having access to this application will also allow us to serve more of the SEK area, including areas such as Frontenac, Girard, Arma, and more.

Honey Does LLC | 620-687-9779 | info@honeydoesllc.com | 101 W. 29th St. Ste-G 196, Pittsburg, KS 66762



Melissa holds a Master of Science in Management along with a Professional Certificate in Entrepreneurship from Missouri Southern State University, a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations from Pittsburg State University, and is a Certified Entrepreneurial Mindset Practitioner through Eckard College.


Melissa has a life-long dream to ‘teach and speak’ on Entrepreneurship and Small Business Concepts – and is currently getting the opportunity to teach as an Adjunct Instructor of Management at Pittsburg State University. Melissa is also a 2023 Pipeline Pathfinder.


Her work and passion go beyond just the bottom line. She finds great honor in creating new job opportunities and serving her employees, customers, and community. Driven by her personal mission statement, “Inspiring others to take ownership and personal responsibility for their actions, so that they can create value, and in turn enhance the quality of their lives and the world around them,” she is committed to changing the world around her – one person at a time, starting with herself. 


Melissa volunteers for NetWork Kansas e-communities hosting Youth Entrepreneurship pitch Competitions as a judge or panelist and those communities who host “Who Owns the ICE House” classes as a guest speaker. She also volunteers with 3DS – or 3 Day Startup acting as a judge or panelist for various programming. In 2022, she had the amazing opportunity to assist as a mentor with the Australian Women Founder’s Initiative hosted by 3DS.


Although time is limited – Melissa is a huge supporter of a local initiative hosted by the Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce called Youth Leadership. In past years she has taught on topics such as Diversity, Leadership, and more to 6th Graders at Pittsburg Community Middle School. In addition, she and her company are supporters of the Pittsburg Area Young Professionals.


She is an avid supporter of the Chamber of Commerce, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Fostering Connections, TFI – a Foster Care Agency, and the Police Protective Home program – not only as an individual member of these organizations, but also through financial contributions and support of annual programs. While she has achieved great success in her career, among her proudest achievements is the recent licensing she and her husband have received to become Foster Parents to a now 2-year old boy.


Melissa was the 2021 winner of the Joplin Regional Innovation and Technology Summit Pitch Contest in the Collegiate Division. Melissa also won first place in the Missouri Southern State University Student Pitch competition the same year while finishing her Masters Degree. Winning monies from both pitch competitions were put towards the development of the software system.


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